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 Entrevista navideña hecha por los fans

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Mensajes : 51
Fecha de inscripción : 01/11/2011
Edad : 43
Localización : Ringsted, Dinamarca

MensajeTema: Entrevista navideña hecha por los fans   Lun Nov 28, 2011 11:55 pm

Los miembros del fan club danes le hicieron 24 preguntas a los mienbros de la banda en diciembre del 2011. Se postearan en la pagina de Facebook una por dia, desde el 1 al 24 de diciembre.

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Question to Danny:
Do you prefer the Christmas feeling around December in Denmark or Germany?
I am not sure, did not have that many Christmases in Germany.. Must be Denmark, cause everything is like when I was a kid!!

01.- Question for Mattias:
It’s snowball fight. What are you. Attacker or victim?
Mattias’ reply:
I'm the victim! But I'm also a sly cat and that always surprise my opponent.
02.-Question for Simon:
Have you ever written a letter to Santa Claus?
Simon’s reply:
No, have never done that, cause what were the chances that he would read my letter out of all of the kids in the world. I knew pretty early on that my dad was Santa.
03.-Question for Ole:
How many girls have you ever kissed under the mistletoe?
Ole’s reply:
Sadly very few. Unless mother and sister counts, it’s a very little minimum. But it’s a “trick” which still shall be tried out.
04.-Question for Piotrek:
What is your favorite Christmas song and why do you like it that much?
Piotrek’s reply:
Favorite Christmas song. It is "O, Gwiazdo Betlejemska!". A very beautiful Polish song. Translated it means: "Oh, the Bethlehem Star!". It's just great, the lyrics, the melody, the harmonies and most of all - the atmosphere.
05.-Question for Danny:
When did you stop believing in Santa Claus?
Danny’s reply:
I am not completely sure, but I think, I must have been around 6 or something like that. We always used to put something out for Santa’s helpers during the night. And at some point I was just too obvious, that it was my mom.. Actually a shame!
06.-Todays question is for Ole:
If you were a Christmas decoration, what would you then be?
Ole’s reply:
The star... No - I would rather be a super strong Christmas tree stand which all evening impresses with it’s big bench press performance.
07.-Question for Simon:
How many ‘pebbernødder’ (small ball-shaped cakes baked at Christmas) can you have in your mouth at the same time?
Simon’s reply:
1 million.
08.-Question for Mattias:
(A question which only danes get the meaning of. If you’re not from Denmark you can try to google it) If Piotrek was a figure from a “julekalender” (a TV series of 24 episodes which runs from 1st to 24th of December every year in Danish television), which one would he then be? ‘Magnus Tagmus’, ‘Bertramsen’ from ‘Pyrus’, ‘Anton’ from ‘Jullerup Færgeby’ or ‘Arne’ from ‘Jul på Vesterbro’?
Mattias’ reply:
No, no, he would be in the role of Otto Brandenburg in Skibet i Skilteskoven !
09.-Question for Piotrek:
Have you ever cried to a Christmas movie? If yes, then which?
Piotrek’s reply:
I never watch Christmas movies, nor television on Christmas. It's forbidden by my dad!
10.-‎Question for Ole:
What is your most bizarre Christmas memory?
Ole’s reply:
Alexander platz, 200 - around 300 Santas gathered in one place. It was creepy!
11.-Question for Simon:
If Morten was a Christmas song, which would he then be and why?
Simon’s reply:
'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'. Cause that guy knows how to rock. so why not that song and I know he loves a good saxofon solo. https://youtu.be/nq0WR0I4Rkc
12.-Question for Danny:
What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Danny’s reply:
I think it must be these small round potatoes with melted sugar (caramel) around them and then with duck and a nice sauce. "And med brune kartofler og sovs".
13.-Question for Piotrek:
If Danny was a Christmas animal, which would he then be and why? The rats on the ceiling, Rudolf, the piglet or the duck?
Piotrek’s reply:
If Danny was a Christmas animal, he would be... hmm, just Danny, I guess. He's so small, sweet and cozy and he can bake nice cakes and cookies! Why ask for more??
14.-Question for Mattias:
Do you have a really good recipe for Christmas punch?
Mattias’ reply:
Vodka and a hint of Cranberry juice.
15.-Question for Ole:
Do you still build snowmen and make snow angles?
Ole’s reply:
I’m afraid it’s not too many. But there’s room for a single snow angel each year.
16.-Question for Piotrek:
What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever got?
Piotrek’s reply:
The best Christmas gift I've ever got? Hmm. Two things come up to my mind in this moment. The first is a pair of very cool carving skis from my parents. The second thing is a typical Danish "julekalender"- the one where you get a little gift every day in December. Thank you, you-know-who!
17.-Question for Simon:
What is your favorite ‘TV-julekalender’? (a TV series of 24 episodes which runs from 1st to 24th of December every year in Danish television)
Simon’s reply:
My favorite is the first season with Pyrus, have seen it so many times and love when they do a rerun of it.
18.-Question for Danny:
What’s most Rock ‘N’ Roll about Christmas?
Most Rock’n’Roll about Christmas? Hard to say... All the people that get drunk in "gløg" for no reason, Pyrus from the Danish "julekaleder" when he plays his rock song or maybe even Wham!! But only cause they made a fucking ton of money on that song... AND George Michael is gay, thats also pretty Rock’n’Roll!!
19.-Question for Mattias:
What is your relationship with “kravlenisser” (small pixies cut out of cardbord and placed on wall or furniture at Christmas)
My mother used to hang those little fuckers up all over the place. Apparently they are symbolizing demons, but I see them as something cosy and a part of Christmas.
20.-Do you remember the cake interview? Mattias calls poor Ole a truffle. So, today's question is for Ole:
Payback time: If Mattias was a Christmas cake/confections, which would he then be and why?
He’s a Christmas marzipan pig. You get super exited when you win it, but jesus there’s just too much marzipan at the end!
21.-Question for Simon:
Have you ever got drunk by only drinking egg liqueur?
No, never actually.
22.-Question for Danny:
If Simon was part of a nativity play which role would he then play? Mary, the back of the donkey, baby Jesus or the angel?
I think he should be the baby Jesus... Just cause that would be the funniest thing seen to man since ... maybe since the beginning of times!!
23.-Question for Mattias:
Where in the world would you most like to celebrate Christmas Eve?
With my family! Doesn't matter where as long as they are there.
24.-Question for Piotrek:
Are there any funny Polish Christmas traditions which you use/celebrate?
Funny polish Christmas traditions? Not sure if there are any, but I once had a funny experience because of the difference between the Polish and the Danish traditions of celebrating Christmas. In Poland almost all shops are open on the 24th until 3-6 PM and THEN the Christmas Eve really starts. This fact does, that people are very busy trying to buy the last stuff they need for Christmas. For example, to buy the traditional Polish fish for Christmas - the carp. Anyway...
In Denmark the Christmas Eve starts in the moment you wake up on the 24th of December. Without knowing that, my brother and I went on the mission of finding a carp for our Christmas dinner. We drove almost 40km out of the city to on of these "Put & Take" places where you can pay money and be sure that you will catch a fish. We just wanted to buy a fish. Whatever! We rang the bell, and the owner opened the door wearing just underpants and a wife beater. He seemed a bit drunk and definitely didn't understand our request. We had to retreat back to the city and buy some frozen salmon instead.

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Entrevista navideña hecha por los fans
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